Beyonce: a tunic to hide her pregnancy?

After a snowy Christmas in Iceland, we found the Carters in Cambodia. And as usual Beyonce reveals flicks of their holidays on her Instagram account. Whether riding downtown on a motorbike, doing a cultural visit in a temple or dressed in traditional clothes to caress a tiger with Blue Ivy and Jay Z, Queen B posted an intimate album…

But the international star does not show us everything. Unable to escape the paparazzi even on the other side of the world, we discover several shots of the Queen wearing a pretty loose leopard printed tunic and some camouflage pants. A set not very granted for the fashionista. Is she trying to hide a baby bump or does she want to keep it simple and probably rock a more natural look for the holidays?

However, the ‘7 /11’ songstress dresses in a completely different style for quite some time now. She wears loose clothes while she usually sticks to the ones that match her plastic. In addition, she reveals new forms still unknown …

In any case, with this series of photos, it will be difficult for the couple to dodge rumors!

Do you think Blue Ivy will have soon a little brother or sister?

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