Beyoncé has had a superbly successful solo music career. She is known in the entertainment industry as a hard working artist and with her 11 month I AM…. Tour ending in February 2010, Beyonce has announced that she will be taking a well-deserved 6 month break.

She has said that it will be very difficult for her to not think about music while she is taking her break. She wants to do regular things that ordinary people do, like watching movies, and taking cooking classes and spoiling her 5-year-old nephew, Daniel Julez. She also hopes to use the time to get inspired by all the ordinary things that life has to offer.

Currently, Beyoncé and her rapper mogul husband Jay-Z have been named Hollywood’s highest earning couple by Forbes magazine. It’s not the first time the couple has topped the Forbes Top-Earning list and it’s not difficult to see why they remain on top.

Beyoncé has dedicated her life to music. She has won numerous awards, acted in movies, launched fragrances, done magazine covers and toured the world. It’s no wonder the chart topping star feels she needs a break.

She will be performing at the 2010 Grammy Awards on January 24th and with 10 Grammy nominations under her name, one can only wait and see just how many she will deservingly win.

Written by Sam Zungu

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