Beyoncé has been accused of copying the design of “E-Label” an Icelandic little known fashion brand.

A few weeks ago during a promotional campaign for her “House Of Deréon” fall 2010 collection, the internet started buzzing about how Beyonce’s leggings look similar to the E-Label’s design.
According to E-label, Beyoncé purchased a similar pair from a Topshop store in London last year. Heba Hallgrimsdottir, one of the owners of the company said, “This is naturally huge and I am still half in shock. I didn’t twig straight away that this was her own label: I just thought she was wearing our leggings. It is practically just copy/paste.”

E-label plans to examine the singer’s trousers collection carefully before taking any legal action against Beyoncé. “According to law, it is not copied if a certain number of things have been changed from the original design.” said Heba Hallgrimsdottir. She also added that though E-label’s design was not copyrighted, the media coverage of the singer’s shopping trip was likely to be adequate evidence to prove the design had been plagiarized.

It is not the first time that Beyoncé is in the limelight for taking credits for something that she did not do. Last year, the singer and her Destiny’s Child members were accused by producer Rob Fusary for taking credits for “Bootylicious” a song written by him. Songwriter Ricky Allen sued the singer for the song “Cater 2 U.” His suit was later settled out of court.

Written by Roberte

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