Beyoncé just can’t seem to take some time off. Even though the former Destiny’s Child member announced that she would take a career break for at least a year, she’s back it again with a new video. On May 4, B released the visual for “Why Don’t You Love Me,” a bonus track off the deluxe edition of 2008’s “I Am… Sasha Fierce.”

Directed by Melina Mastoukas, who has previously worked with Beyoncé on videos such as “Green Light” and “Diva,” this latest video introduces us to ‘B.B. Homemaker,’ a sexy housewife played by none other than Queen Bee herself. As opposed to the fem-power videos that we are used to seeing from the Texas beauty, the new video approaches the topic of gender roles in a comedic way. Throughout the video, we watch a pin-up styled Beyoncé exaggeratedly perform various household tasks.

The video for “Why Don’t You Love Me” comes on the heels of Beyoncé’s collaboration with Lady Gaga for “Telephone.” This marks the ninth video from the “I Am… Sasha Fierce” album, making Beyoncé more ‘B.B. Hitmaker’ than ‘B.B. Homemaker’ in reality. The song was co-written by little sis Solange, a talented singer/artist in her own right, and cousin Angie.

The video for “Put It In a Love Song,” Beyoncé’s duet with Alicia Keys, has been postponed until the summer. A 2010 tour is also rumored to be in the works, with former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham possibly taking on the role of stylist, but nothing has been publicly confirmed.

Written by Raluca & Shaira

Check out the video bellow

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