Balotelli likes strip clubs

Mario Balotelli can’t get out of the media spotlight! The Italian footballer was photographed early Thursday morning leaving a Liverpool strip club just 48 hours before a game. Although Super Mario scored a goal during the match, manager Roberto Mancini gave him a €300,000 fine for his nocturnal escapade. He also sent him a message that his girlfriend will no doubt appreciate: « Perhaps marriage will calm him down».

Marriage does seem on the cards considering recent declarations made by his girlfriend, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex, Raffaella Fico, to the press. She explained that Mario was a better lover than Cristiano. He is more attentive and humble according to her. She also enjoyed the t-shirt episode. Ten days ago, Balotelli got a message across after scoring a goal, by revealing a t-shirt which read « Raffaella ti amo ».

Everything seems to be running smoothly between the two lovebirds.

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