Balotelli has played with fire

Is Mario Balotelli a pyromaniac? The Manchester City striker doesn’t seem to have learnt his lesson from the last time he played with fire. Earlier this year, the Italian set off fireworks in his superb 3-million-pound mansion. And surprise surprise: he set fire to his home. Super Mario had to sleep in a hotel while he waiting for his home to be cleared from the disaster.

So how did Balotelli occupy his nights away from home? We finally have the answer! He carried on doing much the same thing. Pictures dating back to that time have cropped up in the press and show him using an aerosol and a lighter to create a DIY flame-thrower.

Remember the notorious « Why always me? » T-shirt he wore lamenting the constant media frenzy he is a subject to…Well now we’re staring to understand why it’s always him.

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