Targeting both hip hop and rock audiences, Young Money’s CEO Baby announced that protégé Lil’ Wayne is expected to drop not one but two albums in the same day, on December 15.

Baby, a.k.a Birdman, announced that Lil’ Wayne’s fourth installment of the platinum-selling “Tha Carter” series will hit stores the same day as the much-delayed rock album “Rebirth.” These two LPs come in addition to the Young Money compilation album, also set for a December 15 release ! Birdman dropped a tip that “Tha Carter IV” would be a double disc…

Will Weezy’s albums manage to hit “a milli” in a week just like “Tha Carter III,” or will these three releases simply be too much for Cash Money’s fans?

Could there be communication issues within Cash Money? Currently touring in Europe, Wayne said during a radio interview in London on Oct. 13 that “Tha Carter IV” would not be released on the same day as his other projects, as opposed to what his boss Baby claimed.

Written by Shabazz

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