Asa, is a young soul singer from Nigeria. Born in Paris, a childhood in Nigeria and after 20 years a return to The City Of Lights where her life as an artist took wings. Her fast moving life, buzzed with energy and spirituality gave her a lot of inspiration. Music and independence are the main pillars in her life. And that’s why Asa was determined to make her music just the way she wanted. Her songs in English and Yoruba, falling somewhere between folk and soul, inspired by her musical heritage reflect the feeling she puts into it.
When Asa returned to Paris, it was her chance to test out her talent on the French musical scene, playing with artists such as the Nubians, Manu Dibango, DHoctor L and Tony Allen. In the meantime, back in Nigeria, her first single, “Eyé Adaba”, then “Jailer”, were beginning to get airtime. Her popularity was growing. She opened for Akon, John Legend, Beyoncé and Snoop Dogg amongst others.

She released her 1st album (intitled “Asa”) in the U.S last january. On her album you can hear a fusion of strings, drums and percussion, guitar along with the Hammond organ playing the field between funk and soul. R&b rubs up against pop, with reggae also making an appearance on “Fire On The Mountain”, the first track released from the album.

Highly personal and totally universal, Asa’s music crosses frontiers, not just geographical, but also those of the heart and soul.

She’s already working on her 2nd album, and gave a private concert in Cannes, TRACE was there. Press Play!

ASA live @ Cannes (France) - mytrace
ASA live @ Cannes (France) – mytrace

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