Ariana Grande: let’s take a look back at her career


Ariana Grande came a long way! The belle who celebrates today her 22nd Birthday has despite of her young age accomplished much more than some of her oldest counterparts. She regularly reaches the top of the Billboard charts and gleaned some of the most prestigious awards. In only two years the Boca Raton, Florida native has switched from an upcoming artist status to an international superstar one, even getting shout outs and praises from illustrious peers such as Mariah Carey and Mary J Blige. For this special occasion we decided to take a look back at her career and see her evolution throughout the years.


-2008 1st step on Broadway

Ariana was 15 back then and decided to drop out of High school in order to fully embrace her new acting career. She kept on taking correspondence courses while she was being part of the cast of the musical “13” though. Her performances were quickly noticed by numerous executives and were critically acclaimed. She even received a National Youth Theater Association Award that year.


-2010 from the stage to the television

By becoming a cast member of the teen series “Victorious” on Nickelodeon, Ariana couldn’t foresee the huge success she was about to experience and the exposure it would offer her. Indeed thanks to her once again outstanding performances, she quickly became kids favorite and witnessed her fanbase spreading and sprawling all over the world. This enthusiasm prompted the producers to make a spin-off of the series based on her character. Even though it didn’t work out, Ariana’s name was already on every lips.


-2013 switching lane

220,000 copies sold on the first week for her first single ” The Way” featuring Mac Miller. Ensuing the release of the single, her debut album topped the billboard charts with 138,000 copies sold on its first week (a humongous number for a beginner!). The cherry on top that year, was her invitation by Barack Obama to perform at the White House.


-2015 The Honeymoon tour and her recognition.

Her sold out international tour started in February 2015. It emphasized and confirmed her superstar status. She even had been nominated in two categories for the Grammy Awards: one for Best Pop Album and the other one for Best Group Performance with the song “Bang Bang” featuring Jessie J and Nicki Minaj. Although she has been quite busy with her music career, Ariana hasn’t given up on acting and has been tapped to join new horror series “Scream Queens” cast alongside Emma Roberts and Lea Michele.

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