Are Rihanna and Chris Brown back together?

Are Rihanna and Chris Brown back together? On July 21 while on a much publicized vacation in Saint Tropez, France, Rihanna retweeted Magic Johnson’s message about a visit to her yacht “@MagicJohnson: We had a great time hanging with @Rihanna & her friends on her yacht.” We did too! Thank you.”

On the same day, Atlanta rapper Ludacris tweeted “St Tropez France here I come.”

Shortly after Chris Brown posted “This ni–a Luda flying the damn helicopter! I’m shi–ing bricks right now” followed by “Landed on the boat!”

Rihanna then tweeted “Touch down baby, help me pick out my fit”

The next morning Riri wrote on Twitter “Last Night was beautiful.”

Do you think Chris and Rihanna are dating again?

David Woodson

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