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DJ Khaled covers ‘Billboard’ & Speaks on his ‘Prophet’ Son Asahd

DJ Khaled is unstoppable! The award-winning producer-mogul and social media mainstay  is the happiest and wealthiest he’s ever been.

Not because of all the platinum and gold plaques he possesses, or his opulent collection of luxury cars, or the newly-acquired $10 million California mansion he calls home. It’s because he’s got a rider for a life partner and an oracle for a son, and Khaled’s truest calling in life is deeply embedded in the latter.

Thirteen years deep into his relationship with girlfriend Nicole Tuck, the once record store clerk and break-dancing practitioner earlier on had an epiphany of sorts, where he was able to excavate his greatest key, yet, amid industry turmoil.

He says in the interview : “If this music thing is over tomorrow, I’ll be happy. I just want you, my baby, my swimming pool, my flowers, my jet ski and I’m good,” he says about the moment he approached his significant other with the desire to create a child. “And some barbecue cheeseburgers. I was searching for joy and happiness. I found it [at home]. Now that I’m a father, I’m unstoppable.”

Now, Khaled is never more than three days apart from his tribe, and is determined to overcome his fear of flying, if only to be by his son’s side when he needs to travel. “I’m just as stressed out on ground waiting for him, so I might as well be up there.”

Check out the interview above !

Khaled’s Billboard cover hits stores June 17. You copping???

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