Angie Stone

Soul singer Angie Stone is back with a new album… and a new sexy look! The mature vocalist is set to release her sophomore project “Unexpected” on November 24th with Stax Records.

With “I Ain’t Hearin’ You,” the groovy lead single magnified by plucky guitar and rhythmic bass lines, Stone mixes a variety of styles and influences. As the diva addresses her emotions, fans will notice the redemptive chords she uses to bring out a neo-soul sound she has been developing since her debut album “Black Diamond” was released on 1999. Since then, the singer last three albums, “Mahogany Soul,” “Stone Love,” and “The Art of Love & War” have all been certified gold.

With this fifth studio project, Angie Stone might take the world by surprise with her catchy choruses, making solid transition to a more urban R&B that will certainly make “Unexpected” a trendy record.

From hip hop and R&B to soul and funk, the singer managed to put together the right musical blend for a solid album, slated to face the fierce holiday season competition on the charts…

Written by Valerie Varasse

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