Amy Winehouse: watch the first trailer for Amy, the film about her life and career

In July 2011, Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisining. In her short career, the English singer has been going through many ups and downs. Her precarious lifestyle and troubled relationships that were frequently documented by the press and paparazzi caused cracks that ended up being a burden for the woman.

Yet throughout all of this, her trademark voice and emotional honesty spoke levels to many people worldwide to the point that she quickly rose to fam. There were over 3 million copies sold of her second albumBack To Black, which has also been praised by the critics.

From the same team that directed the documentary on Ayrton Senna,Senna,here is the first trailer for Amy, a film about the life and times of the songstress. The story is told by her own words and features unseen footages as well as unheard tracks. It will be released in the UK on July 3.

Watch the trailer below:

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