Amy Winehouse too drunk to sing

Amy Winehouse finally decided to give another show, but the 20.000 fans that came to see her last Saturday, June 18 in Belgrade, Serbia were highly disappointed. Winehouse was booed on stage and Serbian media describe the concert as a “scandal” and a “disaster.” The British songstress has turned down payment for her concert. The “Back To Black” singer arrived almost an hour late before stumbling to the stage. Concert-viewers had a hard time to figure out what she was singing. The crowd went with her for a while, but they eventually turned against her. Outraged Serbians say that Winehouse fell down a couple of times, turned her back to the audience, sung and spoke with a double tongue and disappeared off stage a few times. Representatives said that upcoming festival dates in Istanbul on Monday and in Athens on Wednesday would be cancelled following the Belgrade show. Her next show is scheduled for July 8 in Spain. They went on to say that it would be “worked out as soon as possible” whether she would attend the rest of her European tour. It appears the week Winehouse spent in rehab last May didn’t do her too much good. Check out the fan footage below… Update June 24: Amy Winehouse has cancelled the whole tour. By Noémie Jamar

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