Amy Winehouse

Looks like Amy Winehouse musical hiatus is coming to an end. According to reports earlier this month the singer was allegedly spotted in the studio with longtime music producer Mark Ronson recording new tracks for a tribute to Quincy Jones.

Four years after the release of her second multi-platinum album “Back to Black,” the troubled chanteuse is working to get her life and music career back on track. Best known for her powerful contralto vocals, soulful R&B sound that included hits like “Rehab,” “Back to Black” and “Tears Dry on Their Own,” however, the singer’s career has been plague with problems of drug and alcohol addiction that has threatened to put her music career in jeopardy.

So as fans await for the 26-year-old singer to find her inspiration in the studio, let’s hope for Winehouse that her third album will slowly become a reality and that her legal and domestic issues are behind her.

At press time, it is unclear when the follow up to “Back To Black” will be release. In related news, Winehouse was taken to a London hospital after suffering minor injuries from a fall she sustained at her home over the weekend. “It was just a domestic accident and not serious. She bruised her ribs and had a cut above an eye,” said her spokesman.

Written by Valerie Varasse

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