Amy Winehouse

The grammy-winner’s publicist, Tracey Miller has informed the media that Winehouse suffered a slight blackout, but was still taken immediately to the hospital for medical attention.

“Amy was at home this afternoon when she briefly fainted,” she said. “Fortunately, her manager’s assistant was there to stop her falling. She quickly recovered and her father Mitch took her to [the] hospital as a precaution. Doctors are unsure of the cause of the incident and Amy is currently undergoing tests. She may be kept in overnight for observation.”

Today’s hospital visit (16 June) follows a rocky performance by Winehouse in Moscow on Thursday (12 June). Russian billionaire, Roman Abromovich paid $2 million for an Amy Winhouse performance at his girlfriend’s Moscow art gallery opening on that night.

Winehouse’s entourage managed to get her on a plane to the Russian city, but according to reports, a source says, when she arrived in Moscow “she was in no condition to appear.”

Winehouse was unable to take the stage at the designated time of 10:30 pm but finally made it on at 12:30.

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