Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse’s record label, Universal, has given her an ultimatum — quit the drugs or else NO NEW RECORD RELEASE!

Bosses at Universal have repeatedly told the 24-year-old star she can only record another album if she stops her deadly drug habit.

The label’s chairman, Lucian Grainge, made a similar threat earlier this year to get her into rehab after the pictures and video surfaced of Winehouse smoking crack.

But since her stint in rehab, Amy has slipped back into drugs.

A source said: “Amy has been reminded of her responsibilities. Unless she is clean she will not be allowed to release another album. She took notice when Lucian talked to her earlier in the year and agreed to go to rehab. But she didn’t take it seriously enough. They would never release her from her deal, they would just not put an album out.”

It was revealed Saturday that Amy’s label are now accepting that she is unlikely to put out a third album until 2009 after she ditched plans to start recording in the Bahamas.

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