Amir Khan’s Vegas pictures spark outrage

Everyone knows the saying, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!” So it’s probably best not to take pictures of one’s Sin City adventures. A lesson English boxer Amir Khan learnt at his own expense.

Khan posted a picture taken during his recent trip to Las Vegas on his Twitter account. It shows the boxer holding wads of cash next to a scantily clad dancer. Amir Khan is a fervent Muslim, so this snap sparked outrage. His fans believe he’s a bad example for young Muslims. And that’s not all. The 25-year-old boxer’s fiancée was next to react on the social networking site: “Woke up to something very disgusting and disturbing…Oh well! I’ll still smile through my day.”

In the face of controversy, Amir Khan removed the picture from his Twitter account and tried to justify himself, explaining that they were fake bills and that the lady was a dancer in a nightclub in which he was a guest.

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