Amber Rose: she could have her own TV show to expose Kanye West.

Could we be seeing even more of Amber Rose? We thought that the young woman already had given out everything, and that we would remain in the background of her adventures, but we were wrong! It seems that the ex wife of Wiz Khalifa is flooded with requests of many TV producers for her to have her own TV show. Well, Amber must be by far the celebrity who got more drama and bullshit in her life than any one.Just like the show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” that features Kim and her family, Amber Rose may also have her own TV show. According to an OK! Magazine’s source, the 31 year old woman did everything to stay on the front page of magazines and thus, in the game. The source said, “She’s been inundated with offers from TV networks and publishers around the world are desperate to hear the dirt she has on Kanye [West] and why she’s on such a mission to destroy Kim [Kardashian].” As of now, Amber has not signed any confidentiality clause because she has “nothing to lose”.Amber and Kanye couldn’t be on worse terms as Amber insulted Kanye’s wife of a “wh*re” and the rapper said he had to take 30 showers after he dropped Amber for his Kim to be with him.This show would scene Amber and her relatives including Benji Carlisle, who usually remains in the shadows. This man is actually Amber’s assistant and friend, he follows her everywhere she goes. When he doesn’t take a picture of Amber’s hot body, he takes care of every day’s stuff like picking up the laundry, groceries, shopping … He has spoken for the first time to a magazine, explaining what it was like to work for Amber: “I love her as my family. We are a family now. Me, Amber, [her] mom, Bash, and Pauly and Franky, the dogs. She inspires me. She’s my mentor. Oh my gosh, I’m about to cry — I don’t know, she’s really more like a guardian angel than a boss. My focus is on her. I am looking forward to supporting Miss Rose as much as she needs me to support her, work for her ’til my grave. I’m happy.”So yes, we can say that Amber Rose’s life on TV show would be a huge hit. An ex stripper, mistress of provocation whose mission is to destroy Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian, who is fighting against her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa for the custody of their baby, all that accompanied by an assistant of a mysterious gender (male / female?), bingo!Do you think that Amber Rose’s show would make a good show?

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