Amber Rose: Kendall Jenner got her kicked out of a Coachella party.

If Amber Rose recently openned up on the Kardashians and claimed that she did not hate the sisters after her long feud with Khloé, it seems that the famous family does not feel the same way towards the 31-year-old bombshell.

Between April 10-12, many stars travelled to California to attend the Coachella music festival. Amber was there with her friends Karrueche and Christina Milian while Kendall has been spotted with her little sister Kylie.

On Saturday, both Kendall and Amber attended the same pool party sponsored by McDonald’s and Chevrolet. When the 19-year-old model arrived at the bash and saw Amber, she went crazy and said: “No way, this is not happening.”

Jenner had her staff ask Rose to leave. She reportedly gave Kendall a dirty look as she left the place.

Apparently, Kendall did not get Amber’s memo…

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