Amber Rose and French Montana: “Forget about your boyfriend and meet me at the hotel room”.

Amber Rose is now recently separated from the rapper Wiz Khalifa, but she seems to have found a new boyfriend for the New Year. If rumors began to circulate at the end of 2014 on her and French Montana, a source close to the rapper declared that Amber would have taken a private jet to meet him in Las Vegas with their friends including Blac Chyna on December 31st!Remember, back in early November. Amber Rose just went out of her relationship with Wiz Khalifa when fans tweeted to be in the presence of French Montana and Amber in the same nightclub in New York. Before the rumors started swirling on a possible story between the model and the rapper, it was reported that Amber was actually seeing French’s younger brother Zack, but the original story may have been right all along because they both found themselves in the evening of December 31st in Las Vegas, and both were untraceable at the end of the night …A source recently revealed that French Montana would have chartered a private jet for Amber so that she could have quietly flown to Las Vegas with her BFF Blac Chyna. Later this night, French and Amber would have left their friends behind them to attend to their activities in their room of the very luxurious SLS Hotel, and both never returned from there. Their friends among whom Blac Chyna being on the loose, they would have spent the night in a stripclub while Amber and French have never resurfaced from the hotel room.Strange coincidence: French and Amber would have respectively taken several pictures from the same location in Las Vegas, but then erased them on Instagram. To make the story even more confusing, people thought that Blac Chyna was in Las Vegas to meet her ex Tyga (she tagged him on Instagram before she deleted it), but he was in another hotel with Kylie Jenner … If Amber and French hide themselves, they seem to hesitate to make an official appearance together. Maybe they are afraid that Wiz knows about their romance?Do you think that Amber Rose and French Montana flirt in Wiz Khalifa‘s back?

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