Allyson Felix’s love affair

For Allyson Felix and Khloe it’s a true love affair. We’re not saying that the champion of the 100, 200 and 400 meters is more interested in women than men. In fact, Khloe is a little Yorkshire Terrier and a day doesn’t go by when this sprinter doesn’t see her pet. Khloe is a hugely important member of the Felix family!

The Olympic gold medalist recently remarked “Yes my family is here, my mum, my dad, my brother and I have two aunts that are also here and unfortunately Chloe couldn’t make the trip it was a little long for her. But she’s well taken care of her at home and I’m sending lot of pictures and stuff like that.”

In extreme circumstances, there is always a way for the two ladies to be in touch. Allyson doesn’t go to bed at night without having kissed her Khloe goodnight on Skype. We told you it was true love!

Let’s just hope that that a Prince Charming doesn’t come along with a big old tomcat in tow, or there’ll be trouble!

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