Allen Iverson plays intoxicated poker

An Atlantic City card dealer turned sports commentator recently published the book How Fantasy Sports Explains The World, in it he describes an interesting experience with an inebriated Allen Iverson.

AJ Mass had the pleasure of dealing for ‘The Answer’ during a 2003 game of three card poker. The author details an increasingly drunk Iverson, as he hurls insults at onlookers and waitresses, at one point even pissing in a trash can.

Al audaciously asks his mother, sitting at the table next to him, “How on earth did you get so lucky to have given birth to a man such as me?”

Mass does mention the point guard’s work with the Make-a-Wish Foundation, a NBA Community Assist Award for his involvement in Boys & Girls Clubs, and a couple other charities. Maybe the baller, currently playing , isn’t all bad and Mass just want to sell books.

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