Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys took to Twitter over the weekend to announce that her anticipated new album “The Element Of Freedom” will not be released at the anticipated date of December 1.

Talking about the change of the release date, Keys said that her ability to “create beautiful music” is the reason behind the album’s two week delay.

“Luv having the freedom to create beautiful music, so I’m pushing the album back to Dec. 15th,” Keys wrote on Twitter. “So many more amazing songs!!!”

But according to sources the push back is because Keys’ first single “Doesn’t Mean Anything,” is not doing well on the charts. As of last week, the song had only reached No. 61 on the Billboard’s Hot 100.

Let’s hope that her next single, “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart,” will do better.

Originally slated for a December 1; release date to coincide with World Aids Day, “The Element Of Freedom,” will be in stores December 15, going head to head with Mary J. Blige’s new album “Stronger.”

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