Alicia Keys

Singer/songwriter Alicia Keys, one of the most consistent and talented R&B artists, is back with a new single titled “Doesn’t Mean Anything”.

“I love it, I’m really excited about this record,” Keys said of the track that debuted Tuesday, September 15th on her website. “The sound of it is very different – it almost feels like you’re flying. And it takes you there. It has that piano, heavy-drum feeling. But the song touches you in this way. You dream of having all these things, you dream of going all these places. But what’s the point of doing that, having that, if the one you want to be there isn’t with you?”

On “Doesn’t Mean Anything” Keys plays the piano to evoke a powerful desire that fans can relate to. In the striking first line she said “used to dream of being a millionaire, without a care.” As the song hits its peak, Keys takes her vocals to another level of elevation until the sound slowly fades out.

At press time, the singer was still putting the final touches on her yet untitled album that will express a combination of strength and vulnerability.

“Doesn’t Mean Anything” was written by Keys and her longtime collaborator Kerry Brothers, Jr.

The song will be on the radio September 30th and the album is slated for a November release.

Written By Valerie Varasse

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