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In a recent interview with Trace TV Alicia mentioned a painful year of 2006 but wouldn’t give more precision.

In a recent interview with The Independent the multi-talented Keys finally opened up about the tragedy that messed up her year 2006.

Much of her struggle was related to her experience last year, caring for her paternal grandmother, who was suffering from an advanced cancer that would eventually claim her life. Keys told The Independent that her grandmother’s illness “broke” her down “in a lot of ways.”
With her father residing in Colorado, Keys took over as primary caregiver of the grandmother who had, in turn, played an active role raising her, and for the time being put her career on hold.
“I had to totally, completely stop,” Keys said. “I’m used to constantly going on to the next thing, but I realized at that moment, ‘Man, this is it, this is all I have.”
In retrospect, Keys says she made the right decision. Had she opted not to focus her full attention and energy on her grandmother, she says, “I would be a terribly messed-up person right now. I would be full of regret and really down on myself for that. And I was able to spend some of the most precious time with her ever. And I grew. And grew up. I learnt a lot – about family, about who’s there for me, who’s not.”
Keys admitted it was largely this experience that helped her realize she had been neglecting herself and her personal life. Her grandmother eventually succumbed to the illness, leaving Alicia with a newfound, albeit painful, awareness.
“It was a whole different thing for me,” she recalled. “And it was very stressful and it was very hard on my spirit. And I was obviously totally saddened by the fact that eventually, you know… So it was hard, and it was joyful. It was bittersweet.

Her album “As I am” is due for release on November 19.


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