Alicia Keys

Singer, songwriter, musician and 12-time Grammy Award-winner Alicia Keys is adding another title to her career: designer. She is teaming up with jewelry designer Gisele Theriault to create a jewelry line called “Barber’s Daughters” that will be available in fall 2010.

The Barber’s Daughters collection, a silver jewelry line, will include rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and watches with poetry inscriptions and prayers of Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of “The Hidden Messages in Water.”

Regarding her collection, the singer says, “I fell in love with the individuality of the pieces, but more than that, the words that were written on them really resonated with the songwriter in me. I knew at that moment, for the first time, that through a whole other medium I would be able to spread inspiration and that’s what got me started.” She also adds that her mission is “to give people beautiful, unique pieces with messages that ignite them to find the best within.”

Since Alicia Keys first appeared on the music scene in 2001, she has touched many with her soulful, heart touching, piano driven songs. With this new project, the singer will be able to reach and inspire many more. As she says, “Jewelry is a great first step. I think accessories are exceptional, because it is a simple way for people to express their own style.”

While fans of the singer are eagerly waiting to get their hands on one of her pieces, her latest album “The Element of Freedom,” released on December 15, 2009, debuted on top of the US charts with a total of 417,277 units sold in a week. Her “Empire State of Mind” collaboration with rapper Jay-Z is still burning up the charts.

Written by Roberte Varasse

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