Akon Lied

Akon’s 2004 break out hit, “Locked Up” resonated with fans for its gritty real-life lyrics. But, we recently learned that most of the stories about the R&B star’s criminal past were overwhelmingly exaggerated.

Akon lied about his past in interviews, including talking about police chases and his car stealing ring. He said “I literally owned 4 chop shops… jail was a blessing to me… I was in there for three years, and everybody I.. hung out with they’re literally dead or they’re doing time where they’re going to be 50, 60 before they get out. I got two friends on death row.”

Investigative news outlet “The Smoking Gun” (TSG) revealed Akon’s criminal record, in an expose yesterday (April 16), that discounted the singer’s claims. They reported that among Akon’s six arrests, the only felony conviction he had was for gun possession, and for that charge, the rapper got off on three years probation.

TSG also reported that in 1998 Akon was in fact jailed for possession of a stolen BMW, but for months, not years. All charges were later dropped and the rapper was released.

Many of Akon’s songs cover his fabricated criminal past and prison time, and his whole music persona centers on his tough thug life. His three albums are called “Trouble,” “Konvicted,” and “Acquitted.” His first big hit, “Locked Up” off his 2004 album “Trouble” features the lyrics “Visitation no longer comes by, Seems like they forgot about me, Commissary is gettin empty, Cellmates gettin food without me.”

Akon’s representatives at his label, Universal Motown, had no comment when contacted.

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