Akon and Keri Hilson

Pepsi Cola’s brand new “Refresh Your World” campaign aims to inspire the youth. Together with Akon, Keri Hilson and the Soweto Gospel Choir, the company has created an inspirational song titled “Oh Africa.”

The “Oh Africa” track was released at this year’s Grammy Award night, on January 31st. The song was written by hip hop combo Rock City and will be the soundtrack for Pepsi’s football campaign for 2010. The campaign for football will capture Africa’s love for the game and in turn give back to Africa.

Sixteen young, aspiring musicians from countries around the world were chosen from different to sing “Oh Africa” with Akon and Keri Hilson. For these young people it was an amazing experience that they will never forget.

The track, which will be featured on Akon’s upcoming album, aims to raise funds for various charities in Africa that assist in the development of disadvantaged African youth.

One can only hope that Akon and Keri Hilson will make it on the list of performers for the FIFA World Cup Kick-off Concert in South Africa this year and that they get to perform the song live for fans to enjoy.

Written by Sam Zungu`

Check out the Oh Africa video

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