Agassi accepted into Hall of Fame

Andre Agassi secured a spot in the International Hall of Fame in Rhode Island last week. The Tennis titan holds eight Grand Slam wins commencing with Wimbeldon in 1992 and culminating in Australia’s 2003 competition. The single strike against the bald-headed golden-boy was his cover-up of recreational meth use after a positive test, which the 1996 Olympic Gold medalist mentioned in his memoir ‘Open’.

The Nevada native, ranked number one six times for an overall sum of 101 weeks at the top spot, attributed his success to the sport, stating “I fell in love with tennis far too late in my life. But the reason I have everything I hold dear is because tennis has loved me back…If we’re lucky in life, we get a few moments where we don’t have to wonder if we made our parents proud. I want to thank tennis for giving me those moments.”

Agassi lives with his wife, German Hall of Famer Steffi Graf, and their two kids in his hometown, Las Vegas.

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