African hip-hop

Hip-Hop might be considered dead in the traditional places such as the US or Europe but don’t ever talk about the so-called death of Hip-Hop in front of an African hip-hop lover !

Most people don’t really know about African hip-hop but that is about to change. Africa is probably the future of hip-hop and acts like Klear Kut, Ruggedman, Eedris Abdulkareem, Awadi, Lexus, Weird MC… Will sound more familiar to you pretty soon.

Africa is going through a slow revolution and music is definitely a part of it.
It’s not just about rap, r&b, reggae and dancehall also have their leading figures.
The r&b singer 2face idibia for instance sold over 5 million copies of his debut album “Face 2 face”.
Nigeria clearly is a hot spot on the continent with talent blowing everywhere but Nigeria is not isolated, East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania)is coming strong too.
In South Africa, rapper Zola is a huge superstar, he has his own show on National Television and sneakers with his name on them are available throughout the country.

The release of albums and singles is also more organized right now on the continent. It seems like a real industry is being set up. Awards ceremonies are springing up here and there and sales are going up…

So if you are tired of the same old things on the radio. You know what to do… African Hip Hop is waiting for you!

Here are some African hip-hop videos:

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