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Acclaimed Pianist & Composer, Nduduzo Makhathini is back from his international tour & presents his new album!

After touring cities in Europe and America, South African Jazz Composer and Pianist, Nduzduzo Makhathini is back in the country to present his new album, In The Spirit of Ntu! This is a 10-track album that explores the thematic, sonic and conceptual notions of his catalogue. “I really felt this need to summarise everything I have done and put it into context,” says Makhathini.


As he presents his 10th official studio release with Blue Note Records and Universal Music Africa, Nduduzo is so excited to share this album with his supporters in South Africa and to further relay his experiences while touring internationally.


In this album, Makhathini draws on his Christian background, Zulu tradition as well as intellectual curiosities. This speaks beautifully to the heritage of South Africa and highlights its diversity and richness.


He is available for interviews and performances, please contact me should you be interested in having a sit down with him.

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