A bad start for the London Olympics

Are we sure they’ll ever actually get there? It’s all very well going on about London 24/7, but will everyone make it to the competition on D-Day? We wouldn’t blame Tony Estanguet for having his doubts. The French canoeist had a little trouble getting to practice, and ended up missing it all together. Unfortunately for Tony he got stuck with a bus driver who got lost in London. If he’d had his canoe handy, Tony could have taken a short cut, riding along the Thames may have been faster.

But seriously, it gets worse. Kerron Clément, the two-time 400 m hurdles world champion, was trapped in his bus for four whole hours! The angry track and field star tweeted: “Athletes are sleepy, hungry and need to pee. Could we get to the Olympic Village please.”

Maybe he would have been better off walking to practice. Well, on the upside, at least all this happened sooner rather than later, like on competition day for example. And there’s still time for organizers to invest in in a GPS.

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