50 Cent wants Wayne Rooney as a business partner

50 Cent wants to do business with Wayne Rooney. The American rapper broke the news to the Daily Star. He believes that together they could make over a billion dollars by launching a chain of restaurants, a line of clothes and even nightclubs, to name but a few of his ideas.

50 cent is a huge fan of Wayne Rooney’s, he says so himself! But the rapper is above all a businessman and for him, there are big bucks to be made by teaming up with major football stars. He’s not the first to come up with the idea, Jay-Z, for example, is planning on opening a restaurant in London with Ashley Cole, Rooney’s teammate in the English squad.

If Rooney doesn’t want to take him up on the offer, he can still look forward to a much deserved getaway after the Euro tournament as 50 Cent has invited him and his entire family to stay at his Miami estate.

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