50 Cent speaks

While in the midst of his current Invitation Tour, rapper 50 Cent took time out between performances to set the record straight in a recent interview. So far, 50’s tour has featured a number of special guests, from rapper E-40 to NBA player Carmelo Anthony to boxer Floyd Mayweather. One superstar who almost became the special guest at 50’s show in Detroit, however, had to spend some time with his family instead. Eminem himself “wanted to come to my performance in Detroit,” 50 Cent said, “but he was on baby watch. He was like, yo, I wanna come out there but I gotta stay. Hailie and them looking at me now.”

Curtis then explained that he did get some advice from his mentor Eminem. He said; “We talked for a little bit–he was trying to figure when he could expect [my] next record. Em’ was like, ‘Do like i make my records, like Dre makes his records. [Put it out] when you feel happy with it 100 percent.”

In the same interview, 50 cent talked about the weight he recently lost for a film role. “I went from 214 pounds to 160,” he said. “I was on a liquid diet for nine weeks.” 50 then added, “I was real hungry, I was pissy. Any little thing, it was like ‘Get the f— from around me.”

In a separate interview, 50 Cent revealed that he’d like to work with pop sensation Lady Gaga at some point. The New York MC said, “Yeah, I would like to work with her, it’d be cool. I think she’s fresh. I haven’t seen that before. What she’s doing now is new, with all the crazy dress codes and all that stuff.”

Written by Shaira Brereton

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