50 cent: he faces trial for having leaked Rick Ross ex’s sex-tape

50 Cent is well known on social media for his antics and for always saying what he has on his in mind. While his jokes on Twitter and Instagram provoke violent reactions from the public, 50 also faces a legal problem, since he will have to appear soon before the judges for sharing the sex-tape of Lastonia Leviston, who is Rick Ross‘ ex wife.50 Cent and Rick Ross have never liked each other. While they were supposed to have buried the hatchet 6 years ago, it happens that some dirt from the past is now resurfacing. The rapper is under a legal pursuit of the mother of Rick Ross son, Lastonia Leviston.Curtis has indeed released Lastonia’s sexual adventures on the Internet, and the video has already accumulated more than 3.2 million views. While Leviston ensures that the video has been shared without her consent, she has decided to sue 50 for sentimental distress. According to the New York Daily News website, the trial is expected to begin in June. 50 Cent is said to have tried to stop the trial from happening several times, but without any success.The testimony began when the sex-tape was given to 50 cent by Maurice Murray, the man who is having fun with Lastonia in the video. The original version (which 50 claims he never has leaked), explicitly shows Murray, but his head has been blurred out, while Lastonia’s head is not. As a troll would do, Curtis doctored the video by putting his head in place of Murray’s head so he could mock RossDo you think 50 needs to be judged for that?

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