50 Cent

When you promise something, don’t forget to respect your words… especially when the promise is made on TV!

Sure 50 Cent is thinking about it right now…

A radical Christian group is calling for 50 Cent’s retirement in light of his recent « battle » with Kanye West.

According to TMZ.com, the Christian group known as « The Resistance » demands that 50 put down the mic for good, since he’d previously sworn to retire from rap if Curtis failed to surpass West’s Graduation in record sales.

« The Resistance » has also requested their supporters post comments on Fiddy’s MySpace page encouraging him to retire.

For those who didn’t remember, Kanye West’s album « Graduation » debuted at No.1 on the Billboard 200 by moving 957,000 copies and Curtis came in at No. 2, selling 691,000 copies.

But 50 has since proclaimed himself a victor citing international sales.
“[My album] was No. 1 internationally the week it came out,” 50 told New York’s Daily News. “It was the No. 1 European album!”

Well, it’s a fact, people don’t think like that.


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