50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent recently installed a Twitter app on his BlackBerry and finally put in some personal tweets. With 3 million followers, the Platinum recording artist made his first tweet on August 26th, saying: “I can’t believe my grandmother’s making me take out the garbage. I’m rich. F*** this! I’m going home.”

After a few hours, 50 Cent tweeted about celebrities like Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys, Soulja Boy, Regina Hall and Samuel Jackson. He even tweeted about the failure of his last EP, “Before I Self Destruct.”

Later, 50 uploaded some risqué shots on Twitter, which caused his account to be blocked. The 35-year-old was not allowed to upload photos anymore after he posted x-rated pictures. One showed a woman in a bikini with a hamburger inbetween her butt which was in apparent awe of Kim Kardashian’s buns. He wrote: “Y’all like my Kim K burger?”

But 50 lost it when he could no longer access his account. The rapper wrote: “Twitpic just suspended my account damn. They got 30mns to get it back or ima go haywire. ‘Man they took my Twitpic down I told them mother****ers put it back. I run Twitter ***** don’t touchin my s**t.”

He added: “This ain’t Twitter, this the corner *****. And you shouldn’t even be out this mother****er you look like you police. You a pig *****.”

50 Cent has since apologized for using such foul language, but the least we can say is that he created a huge buzz on Twitter. Besides the rapper, artists Rihanna and Kanye West also took over their Twitter accounts, allowing their fans to get closer to them.

Written by Mufsin Mahbub

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