50 Cent

Two New Britain residents were arrested on December 22nd on burglary charges after police said they broke into rapper 50 Cent’s Farmington mansion.

According to TMZ, police have said that the two men, 19-year-old Alexander Hernandez and 21-year-old Santos Padilla, broke into the rapper’s property early Tuesday morning and hid in closets when officers arrived.

Hernandez was found in a closet drinking a bottle of wine that he had stolen from the home, and Padilla was found in a separate closet, police said. Both men had marijuana in their possession, police said.

There were no signs of forced entry and both men apparently scaled the fence to get onto the property then found an unlocked door to get inside the mansion.

Hernandez was arraigned in court today on charges stemming from the break-in. He is being held on bail set at over $700,000, according to New Britain Police Lt. Jim Wardwell.

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