50 Cent

50 Cent may have officially found himself a fallback career in acting. The trailer for “Twelve,” the movie which marks 50’s next turn on the big screen, has just hit the web. This time around, 50 plays Lionel, a Harlem drug dealer that is the link for rich midtown Manhattan teenagers to get their thrills. While the movie was still filming, 50 described his character. “I play a drug dealer that doesn’t actually need support, he’s previously been in the forces so he doesn’t really have people around him,” the rapper said in a brief interview.

“Twelve” originally premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, Utah’s annual event that showcases independent productions. The movie is the adaptation of a novel by the same name that garnered its then-17-year-old author critical praise in 2002. “Twelve,” which also stars Chace Crawford, Emma Roberts, Ellin Barkin and Keifer Sutherland, is scheduled for release in major theatres sometime in 2010.

Written by Shaira Brereton

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