50 Cent

The release of “Baby By Me,” the first official video off the upcoming “Before I Self Destruct” album, marks 50 Cent grand return in the hip hop game.

However, despite Fifty’s claim that “BISD” will be more gangsta and street-oriented than his latest release “Curtis,” this first video shows a very soft side of the G-Unit boss… “Baby By Me“ offers a new image of Fifty as a family man and takes the viewer through various daily-life scenes with his wife, played by Kelly Rowland, and kids.
No doubt this strategic choice will enable BISD to reach a broader audience than the one targeted by the various viral videos previously released, which included graphic scenes of street violence as in “Crime Waves” or resorting to Fifty’s weapon of choice, the name-dropping diss, as in “Flight 187.”

In related news, “Before I Self Destruct” has leaked online earlier this week, leading 50 Cent to push for an early release. Instead of dropping on November 23rd and facing heavyweights like Rihanna or Lady Gaga, BISD is now slated to drop on November 16th… But is this internet leak the real reason of this last minute change? Dropping one week ahead of this fierce competition might not be a bad move for Fifty after all, who this way almost secures a #1 spot, avoiding the 2007 scenario when Kanye beat him on the charts.

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