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50 Cent is doing whatever he can to keep his beef with Fat Joe alive and thriving. The latest development in this seemingly endless tirade is the release of a video on 50’s website, thisis50.com, which shows the rapper bandaged and crying about the injuries he sustained from listening to Fat Joe’s upcoming album, “J.O.S.E Part II.”

The two rappers have had beef since 2005, when Joe (along with Jadakiss) was featured on Ja Rule’s “New York.” This made Joe guilty by association. Though the beef has had its hot and cold moments over the years, the flame was reignited after Fat Joe rapped on Rick Ross’ “Mafia Music” remix, a dis record to the G-Unit leader that was released during the beef between 50 and Ross earlier this year.

Though 50 has released various videos making fun of the Bronx rapper, Fat Joe has only issued a few public thoughts on the situation. In one simple twitter statement on Tuesday, September 29th, Joe implies that 50 should ‘get a life’ (though he uses much more colorful terminology).

Earlier this year, on the Kendra G radio show on Philly’s 100.3 The Beat, Joe also expressed the sentiment that “50 Cent just gotta make music” “He does all these diversions and disses rappers to eliminate the fact that he’s not really hot and relevant right now.”

50 Cent has proven himself to be a savvy and entertaining man. However, if he can prove that his musical abilities are on par with his past, remains to be seen. Seems like this year we’ve been exposed to more 50 Cent jheri curl videos than 50 Cent songs.

Written by Shaira B.

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