50 Cent

As the Hurricane Chris song demands: “Drop and gimme 50!” Or better yet, give me 54, being that’s how much weight rapper 50 Cent loss for his new role in “Hollywood.”

50 Cent will be taking on the role of a football star who has been diagnosed with cancer in a upcoming movie titled, “Things Fall Apart.” In all, 50 lost a total of 54 pounds through a liquid diet and spent three hours per day on a treadmill for nine-weeks, dropping from former weight of 214 pounds to 160 pounds. The weight loss took a huge toll in the rappers face and neck, highlighting the new bulging bone structure. With the new body and makeup, 50 is almost unrecognizable, but is surely convincing to the sickening role. In this week’s issue of US Weekly magazine, the rapper tells the publication that he craved Chilli’s baby ribs the most while he was on his diet.

Now that filming for the movie is over, 50 is back on tour and says he’ll be back in his original shape in now time. “The Invitation” tour takes off May 28th in Cleveland, Ohio.

Written By Shabazz

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