50 Cent

Shaniqua Tompkins, 50 Cent’s ex-girlfriend is suing the rapper for $50 million dollars in damages resulting from a fire that destroyed the home she was living in.

In May, a fire that was ruled suspicious destroyed 50’s Long Island property. At the time, Tompkins was living in the house, but 50 had successfully obtained an eviction to get her out.

Tompkins accused 50 of setting the fire himself to avoid having to honor an agreement made between them. She has since filed a restraining order.

“There wasn’t a written contract but an expressed oral agreement, which is recognized in the New York courts,” Tompkins’ lawyer, Catsandonis said. “They decided years ago that she was going to be the domestic partner, and she was going to provide the domestic services while he devoted all his time to becoming a Hip-Hop artist. Whatever profits he was able to achieve would be divided equally, and he had promised her and their son that they could live in the house. He breached that contract.”

Last month, a judge ordered 50 to not sell the fire-destroyed home and barred him from collecting the insurance proceeds until an arson investigation is completed.

Following Tompkins’ $50 million dollar lawsuit, the restraining order, and refusal to let the rapper see his 10 year old son, 50 countered with a $20 million dollar defamation and family court suit.

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