1 Geste pour Haiti

The news media is now beginning to slowly move away and forgetting about the people in Haiti. The terrible earthquake disaster, which destroyed the capital, leaving the island in need proving that Haiti continues to needs us more than ever.

TRACE has chosen to join the Red Cross Organization in helping raise money for Haiti. If you want to make a difference and donate, here are the many opportunities that are available to you:

– Make a direct donation to the Red Cross Organization: www.redcross.org/

– Buy a t-Shirt, “1 Geste pour Haiti” available on MD and Kenyx ® Store online. All proceeds collected will go directly to the Red Cross Organization.

– Purchase the song “1 Geste pour Haiti,” available on iTunes and Virgin Mega for download from February 8. The CD single is also available in stores and supermarkets by February 15 (CD includes, the single version, radio long title, and two versions of the video).

Whatever you decide to choose, remember that Haiti needs us: l’union fait la force!

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