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Whitney April raises the bar using AI technology for her “Fighters” music video

Johannesburg, Friday, 14 April 2023 – Honey-voiced Cape Town born singer representing a new generation of creatives, Whitney April, makes a powerful statement with her music video for hit single, “Fighters” using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

From the first pounding beat of the drums, this music video immediately sets the stage for what’s to come. It depicts powerful women marching towards a goal that captures the viewer right away. With the use of AI technology, the viewer is taken on a visual journey through some of the many challenges (from the sense of loneliness to the feelings of despair) with which today’s world grapples.

The video, in a beautiful way, also shows the other side of the struggle. It shows how we can pull together and support one another and it ends with the results of not giving into the struggles but fighting through them. Throughout it all, Whitney April’s powerful voice is front and center, telling the stories.

This song and it’s imagery is needed in today’s world.

“When people see the video, I hope they feel like they matter and that they are seen. I hope they feel empowered and uplifted and that they know they are not alone in whatever their struggle is,” expresses Whitney April.
The Fighters music video was created to show the different struggles diverse women of different ages and backgrounds go through. “We wanted to tell a story visually and the use of AI truly brought out the message in the song in a very powerful way.  It is a visual to show that you’re not alone and that we can unite to empower and lift each other up. It’s a message of hope,” shares Wade Jordan, Whitney April’s manager and manager to GRAMMY® Award winning R&B singer and Maroon 5 keyboardist PJ Morton.

Wade adds: “I’m truly proud of this video and Whitney! Managing PJ Morton, we created an animated video for his song “Be Like Water” which features Stevie Wonder and Nas. When approaching how we wanted to convey the message in “Fighters” we felt the imagery that the AI technology could provide would truly support the powerful message behind the song. I truly believe this song; it’s message and the messenger (Whitney) is important during these times.”

Released as a sonic declaration in the league of Katy Perry’s “Roar” and Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” just ahead of International Women’s Day last month, Whitney April’s “Fighters” has made its mark on local radio stations such as 5FM (#2 on their Top 5 Pop chart), Jacaranda FM, Goodhope FM, Heart FM, Phalaphala FM and Thobela FM just to highlight a few, and is set to do the same on TV. Stream or download Whitney April’s “Fighters” today:

Gearing up for her debut EP release with Arete Records under the international management of Wade Jordan, Whitney April is poised to impact people of all ages globally.

Make sure to connect with Whitney April on social media and request “Fighters” music video from your favourite TV channels.

Connect with Whitney April:
Facebook: @whitneyaapril
Instagram: @whitney.april
YouTube: @whitneyapril

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