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Watch Wizkid and Chris Brown kill it on stage in Amsterdam


Nigerian superstar Wizkid is Chris Brown’s special guest for his One Hell of a Nite Tour concerts.

On Monday, June 11, Chris Brown gave a show in Amsterdam as part of his One Hell of a Nite Tour. Nigerian hitmaker Wizkid was invited on stage, and both of them performed “African Bad Girl”.

The song hasn’t been released yet, so it can be guessed that it could appear on Wizkid’s next album. His second album Ayo released in 2014 met with so much success thanks to hits like “Caro” or “Show You The Money” that the singer can only provide his fans with another album just as good.

Indeed, when it comes to afrobeats, Wizkid has become a great master. He gained huge recognition in 2010 with his song “Holla at You Boy” and now you can say that he’s definitely part of Nigerian and African music landscape. His fame is growing so much that he has already collaborated with Akon, Wale or Tyga on “Show You The Money” remix. He also collaborated with Drake on“Ojuelegba” remix and more recently on the hit single “One Dance” from the Canadian rapper. Now it looks like the Nigerian artist has caught the eye of Chris Brown.

The two artists really get on well. During the concert in Amsterdam, people got to see Breezy dance on the afrobeats rhythm of their song “African Bad Girl”. Let’s hope there will be a cool video for this catchy song!

Watch them perform in the video below:


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