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Watch “The Day Beyoncé turned black”, an hilarious sketch from Saturday Night Live


SNL, the famous American late-night live television sketch comedy and variety show, tackles the controversy over Beyoncé’s “Formation” in a brilliant video !

The Saturday Night Live has never missed a chance to cover hot topics and the backlash over Beyoncé’s new single Formation and her performance at Super Bowl 50 was yet another opportunity to prove it ! The TV show decided to mock the outrage with a horror film parody where white people go crazy the day they find out one of their favorite performer (along with other celebrities they consider “theirs,” like Kerry Washington ) has become black.

“Beyoncé is… black ? What about “Single Ladies”? And “Jumping Jumping” ?” a frightened woman asks while watching a billboard with pictures of Beyoncé and the words “unapologetically black” written on it.

The hilarious skit aired last Saturday and it has already been watched over 20 million times on Facebook ! Watch it below :



“The Day Beyoncé Turned Black”When Beyoncé dropped Formation, the internet lost its collective mind — some more than others.

Posté par Saturday Night Live sur dimanche 14 février 2016

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