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Watch Solange praise all things black in the video for new single “Almeda”

Solange sublimates black aesthetics in the artistic video for “Almeda”, the first single off her new album When I Get Home.

Black men wearing cowboy boots and suits in a corporate office, a man riding a horse, Solange spinning a cowboy hat on her finger, braided hairstyles… Those are some of the things you can see in Solange’s new video “Almeda”. And needless to say they leave a lot of space for symbolism and interpretation, in addition to just being simply beautiful and mind-blowing.

As The Fader put it, “Almeda” is “a futuristic display of Black Houstonian pride presented with geometric precision” and we couldn’t describe it in a better way. The video is an extract from the 33-minute film that the singer released last week as an Apple exclusive, a few hours after When I Get Home dropped. The track, produced by Pharrell Williams, features vocals from The Dream and a short verse by Playboi Carti. With its heavy bass and trap-like atmosphere, it became immediately a fan’s favorite.

Watch it below !


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