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Watch Mario and Zendaya perform hit song “Let Me Love You” on “Greatest Hits”


R&B Singer Mario took back his 2004 hit song “Let Me Love You” on “Greatest Hits” TV show and added something new to make a more contemporary version of it – Disney star Zendaya joined him on stage to sing along !

80s and 90s kids/teens will have this song in their heart forever. Mario’s “Let Me Love You” was the ultimate symbol of R&B love song, the one everybody’s was listening to back in the time when Walkman and MP3 were the shit.

Maybe Mario wasn’t aware of the power of this song at that time, but now he knows it has become unforgettable, as you can guess when watching his performance with Zendaya.

“Greatest Hits” is  a TV show that takes a stroll down memory lane by hosting celebs who got the biggest hits back in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000. When Mario performed “Let Me Love You” along with Zendaya, the audience was thrilled – everyone knew the lyrics by heart! This was enough to forget about the lack of authenticity of this performance, as many people argued the two were lip syncing…

In any case, their voices match very well. What a nostalgic feeling!

Check out the performance:


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